Occupy Orinda

Megan Freeman, Editor in Chief

On Thursday, Dec. 22, just three days before Christmas, a pack of carolers stopped by the household of Mayor Steve Glazer and Miramonte senior Alex Glazer, but they were anything but jolly. Instead of holiday classics, the group, mostly disgruntled college students who call themselves “Occupy Education carolers,” sang remixes with their own words.

“On the sixth day of Christmas the trustees gave to me: six bankers feasting; five poor excuses; four (billy) clubs just ‘nudging’; three tuition increases; two pepper sprayings; and no school funding,” the group sang from the bottom of the Glazers’ driveway.

The carolers posted a press release earlier that afternoon announcing their plan to protest Glazer’s policies as governor Jerry Brown’s political advisor regarding tuition hikes and budget cuts.  The Glazer family remained in their home as a dozen carolers arrived around 4:30 p.m. to sing their grievances.

“We actually have a really long driveway, so they could barely see our house,” Alex Glazer said.  “The police were there watching and the protesters weren’t allowed to step on to our property, so it was kind of hard to hear them, which sucked because I wanted to go see.”

The protesters stayed for an hour, at the end of which Glazer agreed to meet with several of them at the nearby Starbucks to discuss their demands for 15 minutes. However, more than half of them arrived and he ended up staying for almost 45 minutes.

“My dad said they were all really sympathetic and compassionate and told their stories. He had a nice discussion with them,” Alex Glazer said.

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, the occupiers returned to Orinda, this time going straight to City Hall, apparently displeased with Brown’s announcement that Steve Glazer had been placed in charge of the California Chamber of Commerce PAC.“I guess they felt that that was going against everything they had talked about,” Alex Glazer said. “They thought he was being hypocritical.”

The group sat in on an 8:30 a.m. city of Orinda council meeting and voiced their opinions.