Classes Added for ’12-’13 School Year

Helen Britto, Staff Writer

As the school year winds down, the hype over next year’s classes increases. With this year’s successful new class Law and Society, many students are curious to find out which classes have been added and which cut from Miramonte’s large list of courses.

“As of now no classes have been cut, but everything really depends on how many students are signing up for each class,” counselor Linda Fore said. “However, we have added two new classes: AP Computer Science and AP Comparative Government.”

When deciding classes to add, Principal Adam Clark plays a key role in the decision making process. “I try to choose classes that I think will benefit the student body the most,” Clark said.

Clark said that living in such close proximity to the Silicon Valley, it only made sense to add more technology based classes like AP Computer Science. As for the AP Comparative Government class, it will help to give seniors that extra AP they may want before applying to colleges and its curriculum will be of great interest to a large portion of the student body.

“I think the new computer science class is going to be really cool,” said sophomore Isabell Calderon. “It’s a great idea to add another AP for kids who don’t just want to do an AP history or math.”
AP Computer Science will focus on perfecting the technique of object oriented programming and is designed students who wish to further their skills in breaking codes. This advanced class will require a lot more bookwork than the regular computer science class because students will be preparing for the rigorous AP exam in May.

AP Comparative Government has seemed to spark large interest among Miramonte students.
“I think next year is a really great time to learn about government during the election,” Junior Laura Rosas said. “I’m excited to take it because I think it’s important to learn about our government as well as other countries’ governments.

The advanced government class will give students more of a challenge over the regular required government class. It will allow students to go more in depth into the U.S. government, while at the same time affords them the opportunity to explore the various different types political systems. The course highlights the numerous political structures throughout the world, and helps students to see how various political decisions have affected certain countries.

Although the district has recently been forced to make tough financial decisions it seems like adding these classes is going to benefit for the whole student body.