Students Produce Spring Performances


Rachael Oczkus and Sophia Bollag, Editors

Student-run fundraising shows have taken Miramonte by storm this month.

Last Thursday and Friday, the year’s second bi-annual Performers for Progress show generated almost $5,000 in two sold-out performances. The show raised money for the Sophia Project, a charity based in Oakland that provides shelter and care for children and families at risk of recurring homelessness.

In her speech at the end of the Friday night performance, senior Sarah Brovelli said she, her co-organizer Cecily Schmidt, and business manager Hannah Swernoff chose the Sophia Project because of its touching mission statement and proximity to home.

The show included performances by student bands The Funk Brothas and The Herbivores, original dramatic works by the Goats of Denmark acting group and the drama classes, solo performances of the performance poem “B” by senior Lisa Chang and the song “At Last” by senior Sofie Woodlee, and various songs performed by other student singers and musicians.

This year’s International Night will take place April 25 here at Miramonte High School. The event is a fundraiser organized by the Diversity Club to bring awareness of our community’s diversity while raising money for various charities. Admission is free, but attendees are charged for food. All proceeds will be donated to two charities: Invisible Children and Vietnamese Education.

Invisible Children, which has received national attention lately for its Kony 2012 campaign, is an organization striving to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war in Uganda and surrounding African countries and restore affected communities in Africa to peace.

Along with Invisible Children, some of the money from the event will be donated to the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure. The organization improves the lives of Vietnamese children by improving school infrastructure, libraries, and food programs, and through traditional music.

International Night will not only consist of international cuisine, but also of performances by students and local acts. This year, some of the featured talents are Kevin Zheng the J-Pop performer, spoken word poetry, Japanese sword fighting, Miramonte’s Jazz Band, and Belinda Yan, who will play the guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument. Each language class will run a booth around the perimeter of the room while the performances and feasting take place. Henna will also be available for those who wish to enhance their edgy style.

Latin and Spanish students who attend will receive extra credit from their teachers.