Student Elections Take Miramonte By Storm

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

Every year student elections are held at Miramonte High School, but never before have they seemed to take over the school like they have this year. Hand-made posters covered the school, and flyers with clever puns were handed out to almost every passer-by. Not only that, but paper plates illuminating the people running for jobs were stapled to almost all of the electrical polls on the way to Miramonte.

It was impossible to miss the election. Friends rivaled each other, entertaining videos were made, and it ultimately came down to to last day of voting. The pressure was on and it was painfully apparent who was voting for which candidate. Although many were disappointed, there is great hope and potential for the future officers.

Here are this year’s results:

ASB Officers:

ASB President – Kendall Kovalik
ASB Vice President – Maddy Bush
ASB Secretary – Lillian Malmberg
ASB Treasurer – Nick Solit

Class of 2015 Officers: (with 59% of the class voting)

President – Shannon Moran
Vice President – Betsy Felner
Secretary – Julia Meckes
Treasurer – Lauren Paxton

Class of 2014 Officers: (with 67% of the class voting)

President – Nick Coufal
Vice President – Patrick Swan
Secretary – Margot Odell
Treasurer – Eliott Alper

Senior Class Officers: (with 61% of the class voting)

President – Phil Hoxie
Vice President – Alyssa Barker
Secretary – Laura Rosas
Treasurer – Grace Barosky