Miramonte Kicks Off School Year With Spirit

Elizabeth Chenok and Molly Swain, Staff Writers

Miramonte students kicked off the 2012-2013 school year by attending Friday’s rally and football game, and Saturday’s welcome back dance.The welcome back theme was Olympics, and Friday’s rally was the freshmen’s introduction to the way things are done at Miramonte.  Students expressed their school spirit by wearing their assigned class colors: green for freshmen, blue for sophomores, red and yellow for juniors, and seniors sported red, white, and blue.New rally leaders seniors Matt Solit and Jamie Howells kicked off the rally with a humorous video about their “training” for the Olympics and then acting out a scene that required each class to cheer louder than the last to save the day. Students were heard praising the jokes and new energy that the class of 2013 rally leaders brought to the school as they left the big gym.  However, controversy surrounded the video, which included potentially offensive inside jokes, and resulted in Solit and Howells being relieved of their position as rally leaders.Friday night, Varsity football played Marin Catholic, losing 31-14. The back-to-back touchdowns alternating between the teams created a competitive atmosphere. There were several hopeful moments for the Matadors, but they did not prevail.

Saturday night, students attended the welcome back dance from 7:30-10:30.  Students from all grades were invited and encouraged to dress up in Olympic themed attire. The night started out slow but soon picked up pace, and ended with a bang as most of the school danced together to the Cha Cha Slide.