Miramonte Adds Two New Classes

Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

Former AP European History teacher Xavier Frippiat pioneers the AP Government class for seniors. Now, instead of taking half a year of Government and half a year of Economy, students can take AP Government and Politics Comparative.

This class covers eight different governments across the world instead of simply the United States’.  It focuses on the diversity of political life and how changes in politics and economy have global effects. Senior Evan Epstein took the class because Frippiat is an “amazing teacher.” Epstein loves his blunt teaching style. “Frippiat won’t let a student raise their hand and make up some clever answer to his question; you have to actually know what you are talking about to speak up in his class.”

The second new class at Miramonte is AP Computer Science. Cindy Boyko is on a mission to expand the Computer Science program at our school. In recent years she took on Intro to Computer Science and now she teaches the AP Computer Science class as well. This heavily male dominated class continues to work with Java and other programming methodology to prepare for the AP test.

Senior Theodore Davis says he wants to be a Computer Science major in college and has taken classes at ID Tech. “I am now able to take an even more challenging Computer Science class at school. It is taught by a great teacher and is a wonderful addition to the class list,” said Davis.