Rally Leaders Dismissed Following Welcome Back Rally

Lauren Branagh and Jack Garrett, Staff Writers

Following last Friday’s rally, senior rally leaders Matt Solit and Jamie Howells were forced to step down from their position. Solit and Howells included an inside joke in the video that humiliated a classmate. Administration learned of the joke after the rally and immediately began deliberating on a course of action to handle the situation.

The administration claims that Solit and Howells’ video included scenes deemed not appropriate for a school setting. Although the scenes themselves were not “R rated,” they made an innuendo which the administration does not want promoted at Miramonte. Prior to the rally, the expectations of what was allowed in the event were clearly presented to the boys.

“Before the school year, rally leaders met with Principal Adam Clark and were told that he expected no inside jokes or references,” Associate Principal Jan Carlson said. “He didn’t want administration to have to scrutinize the video for what they were going to sneak in. It was a clear agreement that the boys were not going to do this.”

“Many people in the community support Miramonte. We don’t want to tarnish the reputation of Miramonte. We need to look at the global vision of our school,” Clark said. “We need to be proud, and represent ourselves in a good way. Our rally leaders, and students in leadership, have to do things that are appropriate for a 13- year- old freshman all the way up to a grandmother. That is who sees our material.”

Solit and Howells agree that they had both made mistakes, but thought the consequences for their actions were too severe.

“We understand the reasoning behind the administration’s decisions, but we think it is harsh given the situation,” Solit said. The boys also feel that because the video was approved by Carlson twice, and the necessary changes were made, they were not at fault.

The boys are allowed to stay in the Leadership class, though they can no longer be rally leaders. Howells has decided to stay in the class, and Solit is debating if he is going to. At this point Leadership has not decided on who will lead future rallies.