Bay Area Volunteers Support Hurricane Isaac Victims


Kaitlin Fenn, Staff Writer

The Bay Area Chapter of the American Red Cross sent 25 volunteers to states along the Gulf Coast where Hurricane Isaac destroyed homes and caused severe flooding.

Volunteers from Piedmont, Berkeley, Martinez, San Francisco, and other places from around the Bay Area traveled across the country to help open evacuation shelters and provide relief supplies for the hurricane victims.

Most of the volunteers were sent to Louisiana where flooding has been a large problem.  Along with Louisiana, volunteers are supplying shelter and food to people in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas.

Sophomore Lauren Foster has family in Alabama. “[They] moved into town for safety instead of staying at their house on the river. During Hurricane Katrina their boat house was completely flooded and this time the river had started to rise,” she said. “Now they’re back in their house waiting for the flood waters to recede because it rose over their dock. I know their house wasn’t damaged, but a couple small bushes and trees were destroyed by the wind.”

Around 2,400 Red Cross volunteers from around the country have traveled to states in need of support.

Isaac has caused a lot of damage and is still a problem; however its movement and winds have slowed down, and is now making its way through Louisiana, dumping rain as it goes.

It has also been sparking tornadoes throughout the areas it has passed over.

People can help the efforts by donating to the Red Cross online at, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or texting REDCROSS to 90999 ($10 donation).