Mats Top Local Triathlon

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

The Norcal Kids Tri-4-Health Triathlon was held at the Wilder Development Saturday Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. More than 300 kids age six and older participated in races of varying difficulty, depending on age.

The triathlon was held to encourage young people in the community to be active. “The point of the event is to get kids and parents thinking about exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. The event helps emphasize the importance of exercise and activity from a young age,” said Joel Buscheck, co-director of the event and Miramonte graduate.

The triathlon is organized by a group of volunteers who support the Orinda Community Foundation. Proceeds help fund community events, projects and programs. It was held at the Wilder Development instead of at Miramonte, like previous years. “Wilder offered to be the main sponsor of the event. It helped create publicity for a new community being built in Orinda,” said Buscheck.

Miramonte students in the 15+ age group swam 300 yards, biked 5.9 miles and ran two miles. Senior Cameron Hoyh won the boys race with a time of 31:43.30.

In the girls race there was confusion about the route of the bike course, and every athlete except for three did not complete the whole course. Instead of disqualifying all of the athletes, the courses were treated as two separate races.

“The course was very unorganized. It was supposed to be a six mile bike ride but the bike course was a series of very confusing loops that overlapped each other. None of the volunteers really knew where we were supposed to go and they weren’t prepared for us. Everyone did different courses because the volunteers directed us to go all different directions.” said participant junior Hanna Abruzzo.

On the full course, sophomore Marie-Claire Schillinger finished first with a time of 45:51.14. Sophomore Alexa Clark placed second with a time of 49:51.90.

On the shorter course, Abruzzo placed second with a time of 43:37.93 and sophomore Sarah Rockwood placed third with a time of 44:03.33. “Though the course was confusing, it was a great experience and I would definitely race again,” said Rockwood.

Miramonte students in the 13-14 age group swam 200 yards, biked three miles and ran a mile and a half. Sophomore Sondra Abruzzo placed second in the girls race with a time of 31:36.13. In the boys relay, sophomores Chris Ramirez and Matt Huelsenbeck and freshman Quinn Thomas placed first with a time of 28:45.46.