Sophomore Fights Off Possible Abduction

Hannah Friel and Kenyon Watson, Staff Writers

On Sept. 5, at approximately 7:50 p.m. sophomore Katherine Rybiy was walking her dog up El Toyonal, very close to her house in Orinda, and a man tried to abduct her. Because of the breathtaking sunset, Rybiy’s mother encouraged her to walk her dog up El Toyonal to get a better view of the sky. While she was walking, a beat up, dark sedan slowly drove past, blasting music.

“I heard the music fade as they were driving away and then about 30 seconds later I heard the music get louder because whoever was in the car turned around behind me,” said Rybiy. “It was coming closer to me, and soon enough the car just stopped right next to me.” An African-American man with long dreadlocks that seemed to be in his 30s, firmly told Rybiy to get in his car. She refused and he once again commanded her to get in his car.

“I yelled no and I started to run as fast as I could. Then he got out of his car and started running after me. All of a sudden he grabbed me, but lucky enough, I fought him off and started sprinting back down the hill. He got back in his car and chased me.” By this time, Rybiy’s dog was being dragged on the ground because she was running so fast and didn’t even think about picking it up. When she got back onto her street, the man turned around and Rybiy lost sight of him. Once she arrived home, Rybiy locked all the doors and shut all of the windows.

“My mom was so confused because I was hyperventilating and crying my eyes out. It took me about 15 minutes to get a hold of myself, and I explained to my mom what had happened.” Soon after, the Rybiy family  called the Orinda police station to report the incident . Rybiy posted on Facebook that night, notifying her friends that she was very close to being abducted. She reminded everyone to please be safe and cautious.

“Although Orinda is a very safe community, please be aware that anything could happen, so never go alone at night; a pet doesn’t count.”