Additional PE Year Unlikely

Kenyon Watson, Staff Writer

Rumor has it, that the class of 2016 and future classes of Miramonte will be forced to enroll in three years of physical education. Though unlikely, in 2015, there is possibility that the high school physical education law will change, meaning students will be obligated to take three years of the course.

Superintendent Dr. John Nickerson said that this change would be surprising due to the financial crisis the state is in, because it would put even more of a financial burden on schools. Additionally, if three years of physical education were mandatory, students would have less opportunity to take different elective and advanced courses, which would present many challenges to students who are trying to squeeze in additional classes.

“The reason why we reduced the requirement from three years of physical education to two years, was so students had more opportunity to take different classes,” said Nickerson. “What would possibly happen would be more juniors and seniors being enrolled in seven class periods, which would be a financial burden on the district. I think that having an extra year of physical education should not happen any time soon, but if students want to take an extra year of the course, it should be offered as an elective.”