VPA Update

Drew Anderson, Staff Writer

Ari Gorman is the new band and orchestra teacher this year, replacing Rick Meyer who taught at Miramonte for four years.

“So far things are going great,” Gorman said. “I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere here; all of my students are cooperative and fun to work with.”

Gorman is not first timer teaching band; he taught kindergarten through eighth grade at El Cerrito Middle School in Alameda. However, this is his first time teaching high school.

“High school is definitely different,” Gorman said. “Most of the students are already motivated and know how to play rather than starting from scratch like I have before with younger kids.”

Gorman did his student teaching at Berkeley High School.

Gorman is not the only one who has enjoyed a fresh start; many of his students speak highly of him. “Mr. Gorman has been great, he is fun and energetic,” junior Alex Gutierrez said.  “It’s nice to have band early in the morning to wake up a little.”

Gorman teaches Jazz band at 7 a.m., string orchestra first period, and symphonic band second period.