Miramonte Debuts Newly Renovated Sports Field


Miramonte’s new field, completed Aug. 22, benefits all sports teams that use it.

Julia Hass, Managing Editor

Over the summer, Miramonte went forward with its plans to renovate the old athletic field. Work began on the new field on June 11 and wrapped up on Aug. 22, just in time for the first home game of the season. On Friday, Aug. 24, the Miramonte football team christened the new athletic field with its first home game.

The athletic field is used by many sports, including the high school’s football, soccer, lacrosse, and track and field teams.

“It was definitely time to replace the field,” senior soccer player Coco Pearce said. “The turf was always coming up and during the winter and rainy months there was such bad draining that it was almost impossible to use the field. It was more of a swamp at that point.”

Though the field was in need of replacement, doing the renovating while the school is in the midst of budget cuts seemed like poor timing to some students.

“I know the field needed replacing, but at the same time I feel the school really needs to focus on other parts of the school that need help,” senior Katie Catton said. “For example, my Calculus BC class has 41 kids in it and that’s an AP course that should be receiving attention.”

However, the original field was built 10 years ago with a bond stating that the first replacement of the field would be paid for. There was money set aside with specific instruction to be for the use of replacing the original field.

“I really like the new field,” senior football player Matt Solit said. “I think it creates a great environment for student athletes to excel at their respective sports. Having good facilities really motivates students.”

The sports teams at Miramonte will look forward to using the field for years to come.