New Boutique Impacts Lady Mats Fashion


Maddie Geary, Staff Writer

Brandy Melville has grown to be a cult favorite among teenage girls who love fashion, but may not want to put in much effort.  With a large selection of clothing ranging from off-shoulder tees, multi-colored shorts, and soft, slouchy sweaters, every girl can find something that will fit into their price range and style.

Because of this, it is no surprise that the new location of the trendy store is a big success. In November 2011, the tiny, previously unheard of boutique opened in the bustling Walnut Creek shopping area. It became popular as word spread and has since served as a main source of clothing for a large portion of the female population at Miramonte.

But what makes so many girls gravitate toward this store?  Sophomore Haley Stanten thinks it’s due to their unique and fashionable clothing.

“It’s just so comfortable. Up until the day I found this store, I basically lived in sweatpants. I just didn’t have the energy to put together an outfit,” Stanten said. “At Brandy, almost everything is neutral tones, so it’s easy to pair together. And it’s so soft I could sleep in their clothes no problem.”

Brandy Melville has successfully launched their clothing line worldwide. Starting in Italy, the store spread throughout Europe and eventually to the United States and Japan. Brandy also attracts fans via social media. The women’s boutique has a successful Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook. The company is constantly updating their accounts with new items, which helps get the word around about the store.

While Brandy is a staple store for many girls, there is controversy about a few things, including the one size fits all policy and the customer service.

“I think the one size fits all rule is insulting to plus size women. I’m fortunate enough to have the clothing fit me, and it can be really convenient not having to try on multiple shirts just to find the right size,” Powell said.  “However, in today’s society, there has been such a stride towards people accepting themselves for who they are. The one size fits all policy completely contradicts this idea of self- confidence and should definitely be reconsidered as their line of clothing branches out farther.”

Another major critique about Brandy Melville is its poor customer service.

“It has gotten to the point where I don’t even want to go in the store,” freshman Holly Bohuslav said. “I am clearly obsessed with their clothes, seeing that 50 percent of my closet is from Brandy, but now I just order it online because the employees are so rude.”

Online reviews about Brandy Melville usually rank the store fairly well, but almost all the critiques have to do with their employees. They are said to be rude, unhelpful, and distant.

“They are all little clones of Kristen Stewart,” Stanten said.

Another critique is the store’s lack of tidyness. While other teenage clothing stores such as Nordstrom and Free People keep their shops organized by size, style, price or color, Brandy Melville is relatively sloppy. However, some people like the easy feel of the store because it matches the laid back style of the clothing.

“I love their clothes but I always need to wash them before I wear them. The store is really dirty and unorganized,” said senior Lauren Dougherty. “It grosses me out to think of where the clothes have been. It’s also really hard to find something cute because a lot of the time all the clothes are in piles.”

Although Brandy Melville has its flaws, it is still a great source of affordable and fashionable clothing for girls. While there is controversy over whether or not it has hit its peak, for now Brandy Melville will continue to serve as a necessity for girls interested in fashion.