Rheem Receives a Taste of Tangelo


Kate Laughton and Davis Walker, Staff Writers

Since the first day of school, Miramonte students have flocked to Tangelo, Moraga’s newest attraction, after school. Tangelo, located in the Moraga’s Rheem Valley shopping center, is a frozen yogurt shop that opened on Aug. 10. Tangelo is conveniently located between Miramonte and Campolindo, making it easily accessible for an after school snack.

May Lo, a Moraga mom and architect, envisioned opening a frozen yogurt shop due to her family’s love of frozen yogurt. “I wanted to combine all the good aspects of other frozen yogurt shops in a nearby location with accessible parking,” Lo said.

Lo visited many frozen yogurt shops in the Bay Area while preparing to open one of her own. With her architectural instincts, Lo was able to create a visually pleasing shop.

Tangelo offers over 35 toppings and 10 flavors of frozen yogurt. It is kid-friendly and provides seating both inside and outside, unlike other yogurt shops.

The frozen yogurt machines are set up in pairs, giving you the option to mix the two flavors. Popular mixtures include cookies and cream with cake batter, and chocolate with peanut butter.

Orange sorbet and Cable Car chocolate are among the most popular flavors at Tangelo. Coconut and Cinnamon Bun, on the other hand, are not as popular, and will be replaced soon.

Tangelo sells their frozen yogurt for 45 cents per ounce. Compared to other yogurt shops in the area, it is slightly more expensive. “Although I sell my frozen yogurt for a higher price, I think the quality is better,” Lo said.

Lo is environmentally conscious, and has taken steps to make Tangelo as energy efficient as possible. The shop uses recycled cups and napkins, and hopes to make the change to recycled utensils as well. They also have an innovative system of cooling their machines.

“Most frozen yogurt places run cold water to cool their machines, but all that water goes directly into the sewer system and goes to waste,” Lo said. “Tangelo uses a cooling agent called Glycol that cycles through and cools the machines while not wasting any water.”

Tangelo employs high school students from Miramonte, Acalanes, and Campolindo.

“Working at Tangelo is basically a dream come true,” said junior Megan Coleman. “It hardly feels like I’m working. I’m getting paid to serve people delicious frozen yogurt in a really fun environment.”

Tangelo held their grand opening on Sunday, Sept. 9 and handed out free frozen yogurt and t-shirts from 4-6 p.m.

Tangelo is open Sunday-Thursday from 12-9 p.m., and Friday-Saturday from 12-10 p.m.