Miramonte Launches New App


A student enjoys the new Miramonte App

Natalie Vigo, Staff Writer

The new Miramonte App went live on Tuesday. This free app contains many handy tools related to Miramonte, including the student agenda, events, campus map, photo albums and links. You can plug in your school schedule and keep homework and tests organized in the “To-Do” tab.

Phones are a key factor in students’ life, and schools have been coming up with ways to incorporate more kid-friendly technology into education. The Miramonte administration was looking at the agenda and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this electronically?”

Because a cell phone is glued to a high schoolers’ body at all times, it would make sense to keep track of your life via cell phone. When a start-up company offered to get the app online for about $3,500, the administration was all for it.

Students have reacted very positively to this app. “I really like the new app. The homework reminders feature will be very convenient,” junior Megan Coleman said. “It lays out all of my activities, assignments, and events in a really effective way. It’s hatchin.”

Some teachers also like the app and encourage their students to use it. “It’s still very new, so I think students are still getting used to it, but I think it is good to keep up with the technology advances,” Mike Plant said.

There have been some glitches with the app, such as wrong dates for freshman football games.