Homecoming Update

Kaitlin Fenn, Staff Writer

On Monday, students came to school in their comfiest robes, onesies, and pajamas on the first day of Homecoming Week themed “Under the Covers.” There was a sleeping bag race at lunch
and participants were rewarded with prizes which included sleeping masks and back scratchers. Students could also guess the amount of Hershey’s kisses in a container.

Leadership members visited fourth period classrooms to count the amount of students that dressed up. For each person that wore their pajamas, one point was given to each grade.
These points, accumulated during the week and from other spirit events taking place this year will be tallied up to determine a winner. The grade with the most points will win the Spirit Cup.

Reminder! Tomorrow is “Under Arrest.” Wear orange, stripes, or dress up as a policeman/woman and look for keys hidden around campus for a chance to win a prize.
The juniors beat the sophomores in Friday’s Powder Puff game, qualifying for the championship game against the seniors this Thursday.