Lights Off On Halloween

Sofia Marinac, Molly Swain, Staff Writers

On Halloween, the Environmental Club organized the Lights Out! event. This involved teachers keeping the lights off in their classroom for the duration of the day. Environmental Club presidents, sophomore Samuel Shain and junior Andrea Tamminga, organized the event and spoke over the intercom on Tuesday to inspire teachers.

“We plan to get teachers, if they’re willing, to spend the entire day, or as much as they can, with the lights off,” Tamminga said place. “It will save electricity, energy and money.”

Going into the event, some teachers were skeptical about participating due to the increasing need for electricity and energy today. The Environmental Club’s intent is not to disrupt the teaching, but to encourage teachers and students to be energy conscious.

“The weather was pretty overcast so not as many teachers as we hoped participated” said Shain. “Nonetheless, we counted about 40 classrooms total that participated in this event.”

The school saved a total of about $97. In addition, they saved 4,480 cubic feet of natural gas from being consumed to create the necessary energy.

“This may not seem like that much, but multiply these figures by a month and $2,910 is saved and 134,400 cubic feet from being consumed,” Shain said.

The Environmental Club believes that if teachers were willing to participate in this movement to save money and energy on a daily basis, with just the same 40 classrooms alone, the school could save $17,460. This money saved could be used towards raising teacher salaries, new school supplies, or any improvements the admin deems necessary.