Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Senior Amin Anjedani is growing the ideal beard for No Shave November.

Hank Larsen, Staff Writer

This month should get a little hairy, as many students will be participating in No Shave November. Participating students must go all natural and not shave for the entire month. Though it can get a bit scratchy and uncomfortable, No Shave November allows students to relax and eliminate a small morning ritual.

Many high school students carry a heavy academic load, so it’s hard to put time aside for grooming habits like shaving. With hours of homework a night and little spare time in the mornings, shaving for most requires time set aside from an already busy schedule.

Leadership is holding a contest for No Shave November with sign-ups in the quad held last week. Contestants had to have been clean-shaven to start, and only facial hair will be judged.

Facial hair will be judged on creativity and quantity. Senior Connor Casey of Leadership described the contest as the “definition of manhood.”

Participants are looking at this month with high spirits and self-confidence. “This year I’m feeling up for the challenge,” junior Zach Barber said. “I can grow more facial hair now.” Barber is hoping for a good centimeter or two of hair on his chinny-chin-chin.

Females also benefit from No Shave November, possibly even more than the boys. Ladies have two legs to shave instead of the standard face for men. Also, girls tend not to grow their leg hair as fast as men grow facial hair, and as winter nears, girls’ legs will be covered with jeans and sweats anyways.

Opinions vary on whether shaving is really that much of a hassle. “ I don’t think it would benefit my life that much,” junior Maddie O’Shea said. “Seeing as shaving takes maybe a minute or so of my time.”

“It would give people more time because shaving isn’t the fastest thing ever,” junior Clare Hindman said. “If you’re going to shave at all, you should do a thorough job.”
No Shave November can bring out some students’ competitive side. “It may give me a different mindset,” Barber said. “Since it is kind of like a competition.”

“If I was a guy I think the benefits might be waking up every morning and looking in the mirror like ‘Hey I’m a MAN, check out all this beard I got,’” O’Shea said. “The drawbacks would be that my mom probably wouldn’t kiss my face, ever.”

No Shave November makes one month out of the year a little more fun and easier to get through. There are no harmful effects. “I can honestly say I can’t imagine No Shave November really impacting anyone very much,” O’Shea said.

November is one month out of the year where something that usually isn’t quite orthodox, hits the mainstream. Not shaving allows for a more peaceful and simplistic lifestyle; one less thing on the agenda of a Miramonte student can really make life significantly more manageable.