Miramonte Players Produce Hamlet


Hamlet (senior Ryan Coletta and Laertes (senior Nathan Lie) battle it out in an intense fighting scene during rehearsal. The actors use real swords and technique for the show.

Dominique Clark, Staff Writer

Tonight, the Miramonte Players will wrap up their fall production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at 7 p.m. in the Miramonte Theater. The show premiered on Wednesday after months of rehearsals.

The Miramonte Players have worked hard to enthrall the audience with their interpretation of the classic play.

“People see Hamlet not because they want to know the story. They most likely already know the story,” Director Heather Cousins said. “It’s because they want to see what a theater company is going to do with Hamlet.”

Senior Ryan Coletta plays the lead role of Hamlet. “Playing Hamlet can be nerve wracking because it’s one of the ultimate roles an actor can take on,” Coletta said.

Other main characters include senior Katie Hoskins as Ophelia, junior Daniel Cook as Claudius, junior Amrita Newton as Gertrude, senior Daniel Christensen as Horatio, junior Daniel Estopinal as Polonius and senior Nathan Lie as Laertes.

Hamlet is a change from recent shows Miramonte has put on. The last time the Miramonte Players tackled Shakespeare was in their 2005 production of a Midsummer’s Night Dream. “The Players were ready for a Shakespearean tragedy,” Cousins said. “There is no Shakespeare tragedy, or any tragedy for that matter, greater than Hamlet. Of course, it’s very ambitious. But I firmly believed that this year’s group was up for the challenge.”

Miramonte’s production of Hamlet differs from the classical Shakespearean production. According to sophomore Stage Manager Maritza Grillo, the Miramonte Players have taken a “timeless” approach. All aspects of the play are universal; there is no specific indication of what time period the show takes place in.

“For example, all the costumes are neutral,” Grillo said. “Ophelia won’t wear a long elaborate typical Shakespearean dress, but she won’t wear a completely modernized outfit either.”

Part of the Miramonte Players’ “timeless” goal is to keep the rich language and essence of Shakespeare alive, while adding a few exciting twists to the traditional version of Hamlet.

“It’s an awesome show that doesn’t follow many Shakespeare stereotypes,” senior Assistant Director Hannah Stuebgen said. “It’s not necessarily what you would expect.”

The production uses special lighting, stage and sound effects to show Ophelia’s drowning, something that is rarely shown on stage.

“We have some really neat lighting and stage effects for key scenes such as the ghost scene and Ophelia’s drowning,” Coletta said.

Along with acting, the Miramonte Players produce all of the technical elements. “We have a student lighting designer, costume designer, set designer, as well as all of the students on the run crew during the show, from backstage to the booth,” Cousins said.

The Miramonte Players hope that English students are motivated to see the play because it ties directly into senior English curriculum. According to Colleta, since Hamlet is a required work of literature for all high school students, seeing the performance can help students gain an additional understanding and perspective of the play.

Make sure to catch the final performance tonight at 7 p.m. in the Miramonte Theater. Discounted tickets can be purchased on the web store, or sold at the door for full price. Prices range from $5 for students to $12 dollars for general admission.