Thefts Increase In Locker Rooms

Ellie Poling and Jack Garrett, Staff Writers

The Miramonte boys’ locker room has had a history of theft. Two major break-ins have been reported this year in the boys locker room, including Oct. 5, when four members of the freshman football team had their lockers broken into during the game. The administration is investigating how the lockers are being broken into.

One of the recent victims, freshman William McConnell, left the football game immediately after breaking his collarbone. He did not gather his belongings when he left, and returned the next day to an empty locker.

McConnell’s teammate, freshman Ryan Anderson, had his ID card and an unspecified amount of money stolen from his wallet, which was secured in his locker. Freshman Christian Santiago also had money stolen from his locker. All of these thefts took place during the Acalanes football game. The items were stolen from locked lockers.

According to Principal Adam Clark, locker combinations are changed every summer in order to prevent break-ins.  However, students report that there are ways to break in or unlock the lockers.

PE teacher and Athletic Director Vince Dell’ Aquila warns students to always turn their lock before leaving to prevent an easy break in.

“If students are concerned that the provided locks are not securing their belongings, they can bring locks of their own,” Clark said.

The locker rooms must remain open for after school sports such as cross country, football and water polo. However, the locker rooms are to remain closed during all PE classes.

Clark and other administrators have suggested ways for students to keep their belongings safe during Physical Education classes.

Don’t bring extremely valuable possessions such as iPhones, iPods, expensive jewelry, or large amounts of money to school, hide your phone if you are going to put it in your backpack, bring an extra lock to school if you are worried about locker break ins, or put your more expensive items in your hallway locker. Be careful, lock up!