Car Crashes Near Glorietta


Reese Levine, Editor-in-Chief

At around 2 p.m. on Monday Nov. 26, a car swerved off the roadway across the street from Glorietta Elementary School at the intersection of Parkway Court. and Glorietta Blvd. The accident knocked down several poles and a power line transistor, but no one was injured.Some power outages were reported on Parkway Court, and PG&E was expected to respond as soon as possible. Beyond the damage to the car and the poles, however, the crash was a minor one.“It’s an inconvenience to everyone,” Officer Kevin Mooney said. “The biggest thing now is to get the car excavated.”

While the scene of the accident was being cleaned up, the section of Glorietta Blvd from Sally Ann Rd to Martha Rd was closed off by police. Anyone attempting to drive through Glorietta was prompted to backtrack and find another route.

The driver of the car was a resident of the area, but was not a Miramonte student.