Mirador Goes to Texas


Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

Great Tex Mex, lots of cowboy boots and some “Hey Y’alls”  awaited the 12 Mirador staff members, joined 4,500 other students in San Antonio, Texas for the four-day National High School Journalism Convention Nov. 15-18.

Thursday evening the staff listened to Pulitzer Prize winner Rodolfo Gonzalez speak about photojournalism. He highlighted the importance of patience while capturing the perfect moment.

On Friday and Saturday, students were expected to attend at least four informative sessions. Each class was an hour long and focused on a range of topics. Presenters discussed anything from great column writing to perfecting your newspaper’s advertising. There were sessions on staff leadership and how to use social media to a publication’s advantage. Speakers gave insight on investigative journalism and journalism laws and ethics. Each topic was a little different and each speaker had a different style. Some were funny and others were aggressive, but they all had something to teach.

Friday afternoon four Mirador staff members competed in a write-off. The competition lasted two hours; each competitor used information given to them during a 50-minute presentation. Beforehand the participants chose the section they wanted to write for whether it be news, sports, opinion or feature. Our very own Editor-in-Chief Reese Levine won Superior, the highest honor, in the sports writing category.

“Last year I got honorable mention so I was hoping to come back and do better this year. When I heard my name announced at the award ceremony I was ecstatic,” Levine said.

Every year the convention is in a different city. Next year it will be in Boston.

If your class goes on an amazing field trip email or talk to any Mirador staff member. We would love to write about it.