Choir Grams Excite Miramonte


Choral artists bring joy to Physics teacher Dan Shortenhaus with a serenade.

Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic and commercially successful holidays of the year, but for Miramonte students Valentine’s Day means Choir Grams. Choir Grams are an annual tradition that brings excitement, embarrassment and school spirit.

Choir Grams are love songs that can be delivered to friends, crushes and even teachers on Valentine’s Day. The Miramonte Choral Artists and seniors in choir sing and arrange these love songs. All of the proceeds go to choir.

Preparing for Choir Grams is no small task. The choir tried to pick songs before winter break that were easy to arrange. Even with that head start, everyone rushed to learn the new songs just after the winter concert.

“I look forward to everything about Choir Grams,” junior Saane Halaholo said. “We have really good songs and lots of time to learn them, so they’ll be even better this year. Choir Grams are great for bonding with fellow choir members too.”

The students of choir are in charge of the whole process and choir teacher, Megan Perdue, plays an advisory role.

“My favorite part is seeing how invested students are.  It’s exciting to see the drive that these students have,” Perdue said. “Plus, it’s fun to send them to other teachers.”

Although Choir Grams can be fun, they can also be disruptive.

Associate Principal Michael McAlister appreciates how Choir Grams showcase talent, enthusiasm and the upbeat attitude of the choir. However, he is sensitive to the fact that teachers lose a day of instruction because of the interruption they cause.

“I like the Choir Grams. However, they can disrupt class and cause embarrassment. There’s always the problem of the unwanted Choir Gram,” Principal Adam Clark said. “I’ve only seen tasteful Choir Grams that haven’t caused students to be overly uncomfortable. I have received one before and I was a good sport. Choir Grams are a good program and I look forward to them.”

Teachers have positive opinions about Choir Grams. English teacher Linda Long thinks they are a good disruption. Spanish teacher Meghan Flores doesn’t mind the interruption and thinks they are a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I loved when the boys sang Suavemente a couple years ago. They sang really well,” Flores said.

For students, Choir Grams are a nice way to brighten the day.  Freshman Lucy Portnoff, like many freshmen, has never heard of Choir Grams before but is excited to see them. Sophomore Sondra Abruzzo doesn’t normally look forward to Valentine’s Day, but Abruzzo is excited for Choir Grams.

“Choir Grams are embarrassing but fun in the long run,” Abruzzo said.

Senior Jimmy McFeely agrees with Abruzzo that Choir Grams are fun. “My favorite memory was when a choir gram came for both me and Mr. Shortenhaus,” McFeely said. “There was a contest to see whose face was redder.”

“Last year we Choir-Grammed one of Mr. Plant’s afternoon classes. It was hilarious because he kept throwing in little bits like ‘fresh’ and emphatic ‘yeahs.’ It was hard to beatbox because I was laughing so much,” Halaholo said.