Environmental Club Holds Art Contest


Environmental Club co-presidents Andrea Tamminga and Samuel Shain

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

To promote awareness and respect of the environment, the Miramonte Environmental Club held an art contest last week. The club accepted any form of art relating to the environment and voted together on the winners.

Though club intended to award three people prizes, only two submissions were received by the deadline. Prizes included a 25 dollar gift card, a club shirt and an eco-friendly water bottle.

“There is no exact reason why we didn’t get many submissions. Many students are very busy and don’t have the time to submit such a project, while others don’t necessarily feel inclined to help/participate in the improvement of our environment,” said sophomore Samuel Shain, co-president of the club. “I hope that most students are just too busy and that we have many students who support the conservation of our planet.”

Not discouraged by the low number of participants, the club plans to hold another contest in the near future.

“I think publicity was not at its prime this time around. Many people are extremely busy and can’t take the time to create a submission. When we do it again, we will publicize it much more and extend the due date,” Shain said.