Safeway Fire Suprises Students

Maya Sherne, Breaking News Editor

At 7:45 on Tuesday night, a fire broke out at Safeway in Moraga.  The electrical fire was caused by generator.  Six to seven fire engines were at the store within five minutes.

When the fire broke out, Safeway immediately shut down power.  An Intercom within the store announced the fire, and Safeway was calmly evacuated within 30 seconds.

“I went to get my Wednesday morning Starbucks,” junior Clare Hindman said.  “And multiple people were surprised that it was closed.”

Miramonte senior Jack Witherall, a courtesy clerk at Safeway, was working at the time of the fire.  “I felt like it’s a shame this happened, but everyone was safe.”

“It’s also an inconvenience for people who go to Safeway after school before sports,” Hindman said.

The store informed workers that work would pick up within two days; although reports predict the store will be reopened on Thursday.

“It worked out well,” Witherall said.  “Every week we have a safety talk that definitely prepared us for something like this.”

The fire and water caused $10,000 worth of damage.