Comedy Night Excites Orinda


Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

The fourth annual, Chamber of Commerce supported, Live at the Orinda Champagne Comedy night took place March 8 from 8-10:30 p.m. in the Orinda Theater. Four local comedians, Arthur Gaus, Kabir “Kabeezy” Singh, David Van Avermaete and Will Durst, accompanied by 92.1 KKDV radio host Wayne Coy, each performed unique stand-up comedy bits.

The first performance was interrupted by an unscheduled audience heckler. An elderly woman in the front row found Gaus’ comedy, chalked full of “I love weed” and “just let us get high” statements, inappropriate. She loudly voiced her opinion that this is what is ruining America and called Gaus a joke. There was not much time left for Gaus’ act after this disturbance and the crowd seemed uncomfortable after the interaction, laughing less than before.

The second comedian, Singh, started his performance with less controversial topics. He began with a light hearted joke about how everyone in the audience was going to hate him, followed by tech support jokes, Siri being racist and then he asked the audience for Indian stereotypes. His takes on racial stereotypes were a big hit with the crowd. It was clear that Singh was trying to make everyone laugh and avoid any touchy subjects. However, after saying, “F***ing B***h” one too many times, the perturbed woman from before angrily got up and left, yelling about inappropriate behavior and language.

“It’s a shame she ruined it for everyone else,” master of ceremonies Coy said. “It takes you out of your game, but the audience knows you’re out of your element.”

The third comedian, Van Avermaete, at 50, was significantly older than the two prior, and appealed to the mature crowd. He made many aging and long term marriage jokes, bringing multiple people in the crowd to tears of laughter.

Headliner Durst, age 62, focused his comedy bits on politics and aging as well. Again the crowd found him relatable, not stirring the pot as much as the younger comedians did.

All of the comedians made at least one rich white people joke, a conservative joke and an Orinda joke or two, including Durst’s snobby voiced, “Orinda; you mean the heart of Lamorinda,” joke.