Is MHS a Distinguished School?


Pointing to the master schedule, Mr. Clark leads a teacher meeting in his office.

Elena Wasserman, Staff Writer

Miramonte High School was visited by the Distinguished Schools Visitation team on March 12. The California Department of Education is looking for middle schools and high schools that deserve the honor of being named a “distinguished school.”

“Along with all the other schools in the district, we have applied to be a distinguished school and are one of the ones chosen to be visited,” Associate Principal Jan Carlson said. “They will be looking for two signature practices, staff collaboration and intervention with students,” Carlson said.

“We’ve applied with our collaboration model that is not present in other schools,” Principal Adam Clark said. “Miramonte’s collaboration model includes the Wednesday morning meetings teachers hold every week along with giving free periods to teachers so they are available to help students in subjects they may be struggling in.”

“Our students work very hard and it is great to have them, along with the teachers, to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to this school,” Megan Flores said.

The committee of three observed teachers in their classrooms along with what they’re doing to support students academically, emotionally and socially. Visiting for the whole day, the committee went to the library, leadership classroom and other venues. They also participated in lunch on the quad and shadowed students in their classes to see how the school is run and what goes on in and outside of the classrooms.

“They asked us about the environment at school and if teachers were easily accessible if we needed help,” junior Tyler Kirchberg said. “It was great to be able to tell them how welcoming the environment is at Miramonte, and how everyone knows everyone and has their best interest in mind along with supporting each other inside and outside of school.”

Along with the students supporting each other, teachers are available before school, during lunch and in the library.

The committee’s goal is to see if what Miramonte said in their application, which they sent to the California Department of Education describing Miramonte, is true and decide if our high school deserves the honor of being named a “distinguished school.”

If Miramonte is chosen to be one of the distinguished schools then we would be able to say the The California Department of Education named us a “distinguished school.”

“It would feel good for our teachers and students be recognized as a distinguished school,” Clark said. “Miramonte would then not only be appreciated at a county level, but a state level.”

“I’m so impressed with the students, staff, parents and community involved in Miramonte,” Associate Principal Michael McAlister said. “This is a good place to be.”