The Bachelor Finale

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici after Guidici receives the final rose.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici after Guidici receives the final rose.

Lauren Branagh, Staff Writer

With a shocking finale, Sean Lowe surprised millions with his choice for miss perfect. Lowe was this seasons’ hunky man on ABC’s hit reality love show The Bachelor. The show began with 26 girls, and each week Lowe formed relationships with some, and sent others home, in his search for true love.

Drama was not in short supply this season. Tierra LiCausi, the girl that America loves to hate, constantly kept Lowe, and viewers for that matter; on their feet awaiting what curve ball she would throw next. LiCausi went to extremes to snag Lowe’s attention in every episode, and quickly put a target on her back for the other girls. Needless to say, when the time came for “Tierra the Tierrable” to go, audiences cheered.

Although some elimination were good, most caused heartaches. Sarah Herron was by far one of the audience’s favorites. Herron was sent home during week five of the season. Herron quickly captured viewer’s attention with her kind heart, sweet personality and surprising one arm. This setback seemed to make her even more of a favorite to the audiences. In a tearful goodbye, Lowe sent Herron home because of their lack of chemistry and connection after their first kiss. Herron shed a few tears as she left, and so did many others.

Eliminations continued and romances formed. Soon enough, after hometown dates, where Desiree Hartsock was sent home, the final three women remained. Ashlee Frazier, Lindsey Yenter, and Catherine Giudici all ventured to Thailand for the overnight dates with Lowe. After an intense week, Frazier, who thought she had the win in the bag, was sent home. In a dramatic end to their relationship, Frazier didn’t even say a word to Lowe as she got in the car to leave her dream man behind.

The final elimination was left. Lowe had two girls that he claimed to be falling in love with to choose between. Yenter and Lowe had what seemed to be an incredibly strong relationship, and the audience thought that she was the sure choice. Lowe surprised everyone in a shocking finale and sent Yenter home. He then proceeded to ask Guidici to marry him, and in an emotional ending the engaged couple rode off on an elephant concluding the seventeenth season of The Bachelor.