New Google Glass

New Google Glass

3 men pose in google glasses

Maddie Geary, Staff Writer

The new Google Glass is Google’s cross with glasses with the intention of making life easier for everyone. Their main aim is to give the public useful, accessible realities. The new device can translate foreign languages, give directions, send texts, video chat, make phone calls, and take photos and videos. Simply wearing the voice-activated glasses can do all of this. This instantaneous and effortless access to important information is truly groundbreaking and futuristic.

Google isn’t the only company working to create the first eye aid. Darpa is working on augmented reality contact lenses with similar features. They plan to create a high-resolution display right in front of your eyes that is completely unnoticeable to others. While Google Glass is available for pre-order now for $1,500, Darpa’s product doesn’t plan to be in the hands of the public for a few more years. Although Darpa is not as far along, the idea seems a lot more chic and advanced. Contact lenses may seem more appealing than Google Glass because one of the main problems with the current Google Glass is its appearance.  “The idea of Google Glass is cool, but I would never buy them because they are so ugly,” sophomore Mia Harnett said.

Fortunately, Google plans to partner with Ray Ban eventually to make the appearance more fashionable and trendy.

The concept of Google Glass is truly fascinating. Being able to have everything you need to know right in front of your eyes as opposed to a hand-held iPhone is appealing to many. The iPhone, iPad and other electronic devices that keep coming out seem to take over peoples lives, preventing users of these electronic devices from enjoying what is around them and living in the present. One of the main criticisms of the tremendous increase in technological dependency over the past decade is that it consumes people’s lives and makes them completely dependent on these devices.

“I think Google Glass will not ever be as popular as iPhones, but if they did then it would be more beneficial and efficient for the public,” sophomore John Diamantidis said.

Even though the goal of Google Glass is to merge the world with technology so they are both easily accessible simultaneously, questions and concerns remain as to how efficient and revolutionary it is. How consciousness are people realistically going to be when the internet and everything they could ever need to know is literally right before their eyes, spoon-fed to them?