Matadors Taste Test Burrito Bar


Miramonte opens new burrito bar.

Youngjoo Ahn and Kelly Cheng, Feature Editor and Staff Writer

Out of the six or seven hours spent on Miramonte campus, only 35 of those minutes are spent eating lunch and relaxing with friends. Many students bring a lunch from home to avoid the long lines and to have a more nutritious meal. However, the new burrito bar is becoming a popular new option.

Since it only opened this past week, many students are just beginning to learn about the burrito bar. Instead of offering two lines for sandwiches, one line is now dedicated to burritos. The burrito bar is a mini version of Chipotle. Students can choose to put chicken, beef, rice, beans, and cheese on their burritos.

Freedom of choice is one of its greatest advantages. Often times not every student will like all the ingredients in prepackaged food. Vegetarian students benefit greatly from the varying options.

“I love burritos. A burrito bar is a good idea because it offers options that prepackaged food doesn’t,” junior Andie Tuemmler said. “I don’t eat meat so picking your own food is awesome.” Senior Danny Christensen agrees with Tuemmler and wants to keep the burrito bar on the menu.

The cafeteria staff also likes the addition of the burrito bar. Students are able to see exactly what goes in to their burritos.

“I like the system a lot and I’d like to keep it around. The burrito bar is actually easier to operate than the pre-made burritos,” Cafeteria Manager Maria Valente said.

Nevertheless, the burrito bar is not perfect. Many students find that the price is too much. Others are not satisfied with the quality of the burrito.

“I don’t like the new burrito bar because the previous prepackaged burritos tasted better. At $5 a burrito, it’s very expensive,” junior Kaiser Pister said. “Time is also an issue. There’s not enough time in a 35 minute lunch to make individual burritos for everyone.”

There is definitely the opportunity and time to improve a good idea.

“The burrito bar is a great addition because of all the options, but the burritos aren’t necessarily the best. It could use some work, like adding different sauces,” senior Drew Dowling said. “I’d also like to see the return of the hot dog stand. It was by far the best option offered here.”

Valente is open to bringing back the hotdog stand as well as making improvements to the burrito bar.

“The burrito bar is a learning process but it’s definitely becoming a popular option. Every day, we make a little bit more,” Valente said.