Miramonte Players Take Trip To Almost, Maine


Photo: E. Wasserman

Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

The Miramonte Players’ presented Almost, Maine for their Spring production on May 15, 17 and 18. The play consists of nine short love stories combined into one play. The production follows the people from a small town, Almost, and their love complications. There are some funny scenes, some sad scenes and some awkward scenes. However, the most important part of this play is that the stories are believable and real.

This contemporary and unique show had the players excited. “I like this show because we’ve been doing Shakespeare for most of the year,” junior Amrita Newton said. “I love Shakespeare, but this show is new and original and cute!”

When the Players initially heard about Almost, Maine, they were excited to put on such a creative and special show.

Most scenes have two characters, with a total cast of 19 drama students.

“Each part is basically weighted equally,” senior Danny Christensen said. “It’s cool because the type of show allows almost all of our class’ talents to be showcased on stage.” The ensemble-type show features over half of the drama students.

Students who were not acting in the show took on large, technical theater roles.  Although some students focused on larger technical responsibilities, every student was required to contribute to the production of the play whether it be helping to build the set, find props or be on the publicity committee.

Alyssa Henderson designed the lighting for the show, a crucial aspect of the production. This year she  has also designed lighting for Hamlet and Little Shop of Horrors. “Lights are really fun, but can be super challenging sometimes,” Henderson said. .

Another unique aspect of Almost, Maine is that it is completely student-directed. Drama teacher Heather Cousins is the overall artistic director, but some students sought leadership roles and requested to each direct a scene.

The nine directors are Skye Gable, Hannah Stuebgen, Olivia Madsen, Maritza Grillo, Katie Hoskins, Anna Boer, Olivia Warner, Sophie Dawson and  Molly Hackett. These students volunteered to take on a directing role at the beginning of the production.

Because each scene is separate, students were simultaneously rehearsing in class in preparation for the production. Each scene had an individual rehearsal space on campus— the green room, dressing rooms, choir room or the drama classroom.

“I really like directing, even though it was my first time. I got really close with everyone in my scene and I’m really proud of the progress they made through rehearsals,” junior Olivia Madsen said.

The Miramonte Players went out on a high note for their 2012-2013 season and are excited for next years’ three productions.