Talented Students Perform In “Lamorinda Idol”


photo: S. Belinn

Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

Singers across Lamorinda competed at the Orinda Theater on Sunday in “Lamorinda Idol”, previously known as “Orinda Idol.” Open to all residents of the Lamorinda Area, auditions were held in the Spring and selected finalists competed Sept. 8. Competitors were divided into categories: Grades K-2 Solos, 3-5 Solos, Middle School Solos, High School Solos, K-5 Groups, and 6-8 Groups.

“Lamorinda Idol strikes the perfect balance between a competition and a celebration of talent. Everyone was so supportive of each other, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it my senior year,” finalist and senior Anna Finnell said.

Winners were as followed: Mia Polichio (Camino Pablo), Elizabeth Becker (Orinda Intermediate School), freshman Leah Woodcox (Miramonte High School), junior Tosca Maltzman (Miramonte High School), K-5 group “US2”: Kiera Glenn (Sleepy Hollow) and Maggie Heiskell (St. Perpetua), and 6-8 group “Lindsay & Arriana”: Arriana Glenn (Orinda Intermediate School) and Lindsey Wallace (Orinda Intermediate School). The Audience Award was given to Lleyton Allen (Camino Pablo).

“I worked really hard to prepare for the performance, but it was worth it! It was such a privilege to share the stage with my very talented friends!” High School winner and junior Tosca Maltzman said.