Students Exposed to the Seriousness of Bullying

Elena Wasserman, Breaking News Editor

This morning, during every students’ 1st period class, every teacher set their projectors and apple TVs to Bully.

Bully is a documentary film, directed by Lee Hirsch, that shows the seriousness of bullying by following five young students who face bullying on a daily basis.

The movie was put on by our administration with the lead of our ASB President, Nick Coufal, with the intention to make our students and administration more aware of the issue at hand.

“My cousin was bullied everyday at Miramonte and my sister is at OIS,” senior Nick Coufal said. “I think the movie was a great message to the student body. Here at Miramonte, Administration should have a zero tolerance policy for bullying so if a situation occurs, we treat it with complete seriousness.”

The Bully movie made a huge impact on the students, and sparked emotional class discussions about how they felt about bullying and what we could to to prevent it.

“At first I thought the movie was going to be a huge waste of time,” senior Daniel Galarza said. “But in the end it instilled the right emotions, and made me really think about my part against bullying.”

Everyone was affected in one way or another by the movie showing, and our administration hopes it will make an impact on our student body.

“What we’re about at Miramonte is supporting an effort to always do the right thing,” Associate Principal Michael McAlister said.

“We’re really hoping that our students will start taking an active role and make sure that things in the movie don’t take place here,” Principal Adam Clark said.