ASB President Strives to Fulfill Promises

Logan Boersma, Staff Writer

As the spring of 2013 came to a close, tensions were higher than ever in the halls of Miramonte. Like usual, potential Assistant Student Body and class officers made bold statements, promising changes that they don’t always make. However, current ASB President senior Nick Coufal is making monumental strives to break that trend.
In the midst of Coufal’s epic campaign battle with friend and classmate senior Natalie Vigo, he enticed the student body with promises of hydration stations, an anti-bullying project, and more spirited activities. “Couf had a lot of great ideas, and I really want those hydration stations, so that’s why I voted for him. Hopefully he comes through,” senior Alex Gutierrez said.
According to Coufal, he has met with the Associate Principal Jan Carlson several times to kick-start his anti-bullying project. On Sept. 25, all students watched the film Bully, which urged mainstream students to stand for the silent.
The teachers followed-up with thought provoking questions and relevant scenarios to Miramonte. “We were looking into showing the film to parents and bringing in trained professionals to teach staff and students how to effectively combat bullying,” Coufal said.
Hydration stations, which are designated faucets for students to refill bottles rather than buy new ones, are also coming soon, Coufal says. Although the district has already permitted the stations, Coufal still needs to ask the Parent’s Club for funding.
“If all goes well, we should be ready to go as early as October,” Coufal said.
Still, many students remain dubious of their ASB President’s bold statements. According to senior Terrance Frank, students aren’t sure that he will come through. Many trust Coufal, but they have been fooled before.
Coufal, however, will affirm students that he is a man of his word. “I can’t speak for past Presidents,” Coufal said. “But everything I have promised is going to be implemented over this next year.”