Miramonte Students Prepare to Hydrate

Miramonte’s vertical, water bottle-filling, hydration stations will be modeled after Ben La Porta’s stations at OIS.

M. Rogers

Miramonte’s vertical, water bottle-filling, hydration stations will be modeled after Ben La Porta’s stations at OIS.

Meghan Rogers, Staff Writer

The struggle of trying to shove water bottles into the water fountain is finally coming to an end with the installation of a hydration station that should be ready for use shortly after Thanksgiving Break.

Students coming from OIS remember the hydration stations inspired by Ben La Porta, whose seventh grade Take Action Project proposed the idea.

These stations are designed for filling up water bottles, with a water spout at the top instead of on the side, like a water fountain. Aside from their easy access for water bottles, they serve a more important role in reducing plastic waste.

By promoting the reuse of water bottles, the Environmental Club hopes to fight waste as well as production of plastic.  This is especially important for students who buy water bottles regularly.

“When a student fills their reusable water bottle, they will see how many plastic water bottles were saved and will be gratified in knowing that they are actively participating in sustaining our natural resources,” senior ASB President Nick Coufal said.

“I don’t mind spending the money because I’d rather not drink out of the water fountains,” sophomore Emily Fabian said.

This is a common predicament among students such as Fabian. Water fountains at Miramonte are either not functioning or have debatable sanitation. This causes students to be wary of them and many opt for buying water bottles, which may seem safer but it instead puts the environment at risk.

“The goal is really to spread awareness as much as  we can,” junior Sam Shain said, co-president of the Green Team and primary initiator of the stations.

The Green Team will first start with one hydration station due to the hefty price. The station itself will cost $2,500, but added construction fees will bring the price to $13,000. These added fees include the cost of electricians and plumbers for the functional aspects of the station, as well as construction for the hole in the wall where the station will be. Although the price is heavy, the effect on the planet and the Orinda community will be worth it.

Shain worked with Coufal to propose the idea to the administration, who were all on board with the idea and fully supportive. However, there is not a definite time for when the construction of the stations will begin, and the Environmental Club still needs to talk to the Parent’s Club about funding.

Approximately $3,050 has been raised by the Environmental Club already, but the rest of the costs will have to be funded by Parent’s Club. If they are unable to provide for the Hydration Station, the Environmental Club will have to fundraise through environmentally friendly water bottle sales.

“I’m going to make it happen, though,” Shain said. “It’s been a dream of mine and the rest of the Environmental Club for a long time, and I’m not going to leave Miramonte without it happening.”