Natalie Vigo New Senior Class President

Betsy Fellner, Staff Writer

Senior Natalie Vigo replaced senior Margot Odell as Senior Class President at the start of the school year. The decision came after discussions between Leadership teacher Rebecca Promessi, Principal Adam Clark and all of the class officers on Aug 27. Odell faced a scheduling conflict during fourth period, and ultimately decided to drop Leadership and take Latin. This left the position of Senior Class President open.

There were many people qualified for this role. The current Senior VP/Secretary, Abigail Brzezinski, was one of the individuals suggested to take this role. The Vice President and Secretary roles were combined this year, consolidating two of the smaller roles. This year is Brzezinski’s first year in Leadership, and she is extremely excited to help plan various senior events like Ball and community service projects.

Senior Treasurer Gianni Fiatarone was brought into the class after no one ran for the position. This is also Fiatarone’s first year in Leadership, and he has some really good ideas for fundraising. “This is my first year in Leadership, so I’m just learning the ropes,” Fiatarone said, “it should be a really good experience and I’m really excited to be helping out the school.”

The day before school started, the final decision was made, and Vigo rearranged her schedule to include Leadership. The senior president’s duties include representing her class, overseeing and planning fundraising and community service event, and planning Ball. Vigo was in the class last year as a communications commissioner, responsible for writing the MHS weekly emails, and attending board meetings. “As senior president, I have more responsibilities than I did last year, but I’m up for the challenge,” Vigo said.