Students Rebel Against Sexist Substitute

Olivia Vigo, Staff Writer

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This Wednesday, sophomores in the fifth period physical education class dealt with the misogynistic remarks of a substitute PE teacher. Joe Metheny ‘16 explained the situation: “He was trying to divide our class based on gender, and said guys were more aggressive and physically active than girls, therefore couldn’t be on the same team” Metheny said. “He also made a remark about saving the good basketballs for the superior gender which he said was the boys.” Students asked to play with the boys and the substitute responded with the remarks, “No. I don’t mix gender, that isn’t right” and “Girls can’t keep up with the boys”.

Students refused to follow his rules and sat down to boycott his actions and statements. He then forced the students to get up and run laps around the basketball court, threatening to give everyone referrals. “I felt so uncomfortable being in that class because my friend who was with me, is an undecided gender. I wanted to speak up,” an anonymous student said.

One student left the class to find Coach Dell and explain the situation. Dell immediately said that the substitute’s actions were unacceptable and all PE sports must be co-ed. He told any students who felt uncomfortable with the situation to come into the Big gym where they could play games of co-ed basketball.

Coach Dell explained that Miramonte has a policy where no student can be excluded from an activity due to gender.

Once alerted, Associate Principal Mike Mcallister was called in to address the situation. “This was an incident in which a substitute lost control of their class. When someone loses control of their class or team it is something that we take very seriously,” said Mcallister when asked about  the disciplinary measures that took place.

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