Elite Bulletin Brings Teens Opportunity

Elite Bulletin Brings Teens Opportunity

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Need help finding a babysitter, dog walker, or tutor? Elite Bulletin is the place to go. Sophomore Jack Jorgensen, has taken it upon himself to make an online portal providing “local connections that serve and support Orinda residents.”

As students progress through high school, they start thinking about jobs and ways to earn money such as working at Diablo Foods, tutoring, or babysitting.

Whether student’s parents are forcing them to start earning their own money, or they have taken on the responsibility of economic independence themselves, finding jobs can be tough.

Jorgensen first started brainstorming the idea for Elite Bulletin when he realized how difficult it was to be a teenager looking to make money. He started creating the website in August 2013 and officially launched it on Nov. 25, 2013.

According to Jorgensen, the most important aspect of the website is that it is community based. Featuring community-based classifieds and relying solely on local business advertising for revenue, Elite Bulletin is truly unique.

Elite Bulletin connects service providers with service consumers. This means that if an Orinda teen is looking for a job like babysitting, you can become a “task pro,” and fill out an online form with your info. From there a parent looking for someone to babysit their children can go onto Elite Bulletin to find a babysitter and contact them.

In addition, Elite Bulletins helps with advertising for businesses that are looking to hire employees or simply want to put their business out there. Businesses can let people know there are job positions open by posting a “now hiring” ad in the classifieds. They are also able to order banner advertisements for the business to be displayed on Elite Bulletin for one month.

Elite Bulletin enables Orinda residents to view the restaurants and shops in Orinda and enables them to contact the businesses.

This online portal is a convenient way for teens advertise their job skills, and find a job that is a good fit for them.