Officers To Be Announced Today

Juliet Miller and Margaret Ross, Staff Writers

Class officers for next year will be announced tonight via students’ SchoolLoop emails. Class officers focus on events and activities for their respective grades, and are elected by votes cast online throughout the week. Voting ends at 3:05 this afternoon.

Senior Class President competitors are Jordan Friedman and Gabbi Kreutzelman. Paige Dinehart and Jen Stanten are running for the joint position of Vice President/Secretary. Sarah Cain is running unopposed for Treasurer.

All runners for junior class positions are unopposed: Anna Casey for President, Liz Hofinga for Vice President/Secretary, and Corinne Whitsitt for Treasurer.

Sophomore Class President candidates are Angi Axelrode and Megan Miller, with Katie Hawkins and Charlie Hocking running for Vice President/Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

Potential freshman officers will be interviewed April 14-18. These candidates go through an interview process rather than being selected by votes.

Kreutzelman’s approach to the election focuses on spirit and class participation.

“If I win, I’d definitely make sure that we have a lot of things going on all the time and that there are always events and that there’s always something exciting happening,” Kreutzelman said. Known for her glamorous style and vivacious personality, many agree that ‘Gab’ is indeed ‘fab.’

Kreutzelman’s competitor, Friedman, takes a more pragmatic approach to campaigning. “I have a lot more experience in leadership, even on the international level, working with professionals in the industry,” Friedman said. He hopes to draw the election away from a popularity contest and emphasize ideas for next year.

Vice President candidate Dinehart aims to win over the hearts of her peers with her bubbly personality. “I’m just going to be a very approachable, friendly person to the student body and let them know that I really want to make senior year the best one,” Dinehart said.

“I plan on having a friendly campaign. Hopefully it all works out, and good luck to Jen [Stanten]. It’ll be fun no matter what happens.”

Stanten matched the competition with her positive attitude and open mindset. Similar to Kreutzelman’s campain, Stanten’s  focused on increasing school spirit and campus activities. “I want the class to trust that I am going to make decisions that benefit our grade as a whole,” Stanten said. “I am outgoing and will make sure the opinions of my fellow students are valued.”

The only candidate for Junior Class President, Casey, has been in leadership since eighth grade at OIS and the was Treasurer for  past two years at Miramonte. The junior officers will be focusing on bringing the class together through service projects, fundraisers, and memorable prom.

The campaign of prospective Sophomore President Axelrode relied on her friendliness to reach out to students all across campus. Her main concern is making all Miramonte students feel welcome by extending campus activities to students who are not involved in many school events.

Miller, in contention for re-election as Sophomore President, plans to use her experience as Class President and devoted school spirit to earn votes. In accordance with her personality, Miller will encourage spreading Matador pride to all sporting events and campus functions.