Shrek: The Musical to Debut


A new broadway musical that has been sweeping the nation is now being brought to the Miramonte stage. From March 13-16, the Miramonte Players will be presenting Shrek: The Musical.
“The audience should be looking forward to a really good original broadway score with the same familiar fun movie they grew up with,” acting teacher and director Heather Cousins said. The musical is a spin-off of the original Disney movie, Shrek, a story about an ogre that ventures to save Princess Fiona with the help of a comical donkey. The musical features songs from characters such as Shrek, Fiona, Pinocchio, Donkey, Peter Pan, etc.
The cast is having a lot of fun with the play, which amongst a plethora of songs, leaves plenty of room for amusement. They wanted to choose a script with which they could try new styles of acting – one that would also engage the audience and bring the theater to life.
“It’s super fun being a quirky weird person and letting all those feelings out when people don’t think it’s actually weird,” junior Maritza Grillo, who will be playing the part of Fiona, said. “It’s a really funny show and it’s nothing like we’ve ever done before. My favorite thing is just the excitement of it all! It’s such a huge show and the sets, costumes, props, etc. all make it really an incredible process.”
Shrek the movie is filled with fairy book characters, and mythical beings, so the people playing the parts have a lot on their plate. These elaborate characters call for some intense costume and makeup design. “The costumes are incredible,” Grillo said. “They are so crazy and way more detailed than anything we’ve ever done before.”
Junior Tia Waters, makeup artist for the production, is really excited about the performance: “Doing makeup for Shrek is challenging, yes, but it’s very fun,” said Waters. “I get to see normal people transform into the characters they embody so well.”
With the sets, the costumes, the characters, the lighting, and more, there was a lot that had to get done before the show opened for preview at 4 pm on March 13. The set is amazing, thanks to the dedicated parents and students who put time and effort over the weekends to pull it all together.
“This is a huge broadway show and we are the first West Coast high school to take it on.” Grillo said.
“The music is very challenging because it’s arranged in many different, difficult keys, and the rhythms aren’t as straight-forward as the ones I’m used to playing in orchestra,” senior orchestra member and bass player Hanna Abruzzo said. “My favorite thing about working in the musical is learning new music and improving my skills. In the musical it’s a totally different experienc than our day-to-day regimen.”
Abruzzo also enjoys the teamwork involved and the experience of being part of a big group. She has also been enjoying the collaboration between the orchestra and the singers in the musical. “This year is going to be big. Not only did our directors make the creative decision to make the musical part of the curriculum this year, we also got to pair up with Miramonte’s elite choir, the Choral Artists,” Waters said. “This year, we have an amazing combination of both talented singers and actors all focused into one amazing project.”
“This show will take you to a different mind set, and you’ll be emerged in a fairy tale and be kept in it till the very last song,” junior Sam Shain said. “It’s going to be a show you don’t want to miss.”