Latin Convention Update

Ashley Logan

In the final stretch of Spring Break, April 4-6, around 1400 Latin students headed to Irvine, Southern California to represent their schools in the annual Latin Convention.

The Mats came home victorious after winning the ultimate award of the convention. Our Latin students racked up most of their points from Certamen (a quiz game with buzzers), dodgeball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and academics.

“People go to convention to meet other Latin students and win for Miramonte,” Latin club spirit officer, Carolyn Brager said.

This was sophomore Devyn Nan’s first convention. “My favorite events to watch were the sports because everyone was into it, either playing the sport or cheering on the sideline,” Nan said.

On Friday night students headed over to University High School to turn in Latin artwork and attend a welcoming assembly. Afterwards they took academic tests and then had dinner.

The next day there was a spirit assembly and competitions like chariot races, catapult challenges, and other sports. Later, Latin students went to Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park, to get to know other students from different schools.

“My favorite part was either the spirit assembly or Knott’s Berry Farm because it was a fun way to end spring break and also hang with friends,” Nan said.

Latin Convention will take place at Miramonte next year.