Breaking News: Miramonte Vandalized

Margaret Ross, Staff Writer

Early this morning, cameras and motion detectors detected activity on campus. Police were notified and arrived around 3 AM; Graffiti was found on the track and the gym, including areas on the new mural. The immediate response to vandalism on campus was to contact the district maintenance to cover up the markings, avoiding any possible offense from explicit material. “Whenever we have graffiti, the first thing that we try to do is cover it up in case there are racial epithets or curse words,” Principal Adam Clark said. Campus Supervisor Mark Graminski noted that the mural is protected by an anti-vandalism coat. The artist was contacted and will be able to wipe off the graffiti with a chemical.

“Since then, we have downloaded our cameras, and we have turned over the footage to the Orinda Police Department. They have descriptions of the students, and they are following up leads right now.”

While the police department has been handed the investigation, Miramonte administration will continue to be involved in the identification of the culprits. Assuming the perpetrators are Miramonte students, “they are going to be suspended, arrested and cited, and their parents will be given the bill for the clean up cost and damages,” Clark said.  In today’s Friday newsletter, Clark asked parents to discuss vandalism and pranks with their students. “Spray painting and things like that have happened at schools in the name of senior pranks. I am hoping that our seniors really care about our school, and understand that it’s an old school,” Clark said.

At Campolindo, somewhat different graffiti tagging was found. A link between the two acts of vandalism has not been confirmed.