Update on Miramonte Vandalism

Margaret Ross, Staff Writer

Three Miramonte students are suspected of the recent vandalism on campus. Miramonte is conducting a parallel investigation with the legal investigation of the Orinda Police Department. “When we film suspects, we can clearly see who it is. They just put a hood on, but if you put a hood on, you’re still who you are,” Principal Adam Clark said.

“It’s really difficult if you don’t have the support of parents. Obviously we are looking for someone to take responsibility for their actions. so when people aren’t willing to take responsibility for their actions you have to go out and be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. So, that’s what we’re working on at this point. If there are any students who want to come forward and talk about this event, we would be more than happy to talk to them. We have been interviewing some students. A lot of it is second-hand information, but we can clearly see who it is on the tape,” Clark said.

Currently, the running cost for damages is $360, but that will increase as the remaining damages are cleaned up. The painter is $30 an hour: “The tab is still going. We just have a primer, the white stuff on the gym and the back of the classrooms. We have to match it up to the beautiful salmon color. That salmon color paint does cost money,” Clark said. “We will have to repaint it and it’s going to be man hours to do that.”