Bicyclist Crashes into Delivery Truck on Moraga Way


The officers who arrived at the scene of the accident mark the location where the biker collided with the truck.

Sarah Rockwood, Editor-in-Chief

A bicyclist collided with a delivery truck at the corner of Moraga Way and Lavenida around 4 pm today.  The truck was making a right turn off Moraga Way, blocking the path of the bicyclist. Without diverting from the bike lane, the bicyclist crashed into the side of truck and was thrown off his road bike.

Alphonso, who was driving the truck along with a coworker, witnessed the accident but was unable to prevent it.  “I was making a right turn and was barely moving when this biker came down the road at a high speed.  There was another car parked beside me and I don’t see how he could have gotten around both cars,” Alphonso said.  “ He was conscious after the impact but they still took him to the hospital.”

The other car parked next to the truck stayed at the scene while the police were called.  Three officers arrived while local residents surrounded the scene.  The intersection at Lavenida was blocked while the authorities stabilized the biker and questioned the drivers and witnesses.

Orinda police officer Rosenbaum was the first officer to arrive on the scene after the authorities were called.  “The biker was in the bicycle lane heading south on Moraga Way and the truck was turning at the same time the biker came into the intersection.  He hit the truck and ricocheted off into the bushes, which helped prevent more serious injuries,” Rosenbaum said.  “He sustained minor injuries from the crash, but should be fine.”

It is unlikely that any charges will be pressed against the driver.