3D Art Students Hit the Beach


Cari Carter

Crafts students gather around their sand creation for a photo.

Ellie Poling, Editor in Chief

Last Monday the second level 3D Art classes took a field trip to Muir Beach to fire their clay creations on the beach. After loading a bisque fire to harden the clay in class a week before the trip, students used beach findings like seaweed and trash along with materials like wire and wool to wrap around their bowl or sculpture. Then students would spray their projects with different oxides, that changed colors once exposed to the fire. “The colors always turn out kinda funky and cool, it was really awesome watching them go into the fire colorless and in the matter of hours we were at the beach, they came out of the fire with awesome earthy tones,” junior Emma Wilcox said. After the fire was loaded, students had the day to roam around the beach, make art in the sand, and roast marshmallows. “My favorite part of the day was playing in the freezing cold ocean,” Wilcox said. Others enjoyed frolicking outside the water. “I love taking crafts into the real world. We can sculpt with the wet sand, fire pots in the sand pits and burn our skin in the sun. I looked forward to this day all year and it turned out to be well worth the wait,” senior Cari Carter said. “One of my favorite parts of the trip was taking a short walk up the trail above the beach where there was an amazing view and a great photo op,” junior Kara Hom said. Students loved getting to know one another better on this trip since it was two different class periods combined. “I really loved sitting with everyone around the fire making s’mores and running in and out of the cold water with my friends,” senior Izzy Fasheh said.