Students Tackle AP Projects

Margaret Ross, News Editor

With two weeks of strenuous Advanced Placement (AP) testing behind them, students of many AP classes have completed their semester finals. For some, the weeks following testing offers a basically free period in place of the usual, rigorous AP work. In many AP classes, teachers have organized elaborate projects to culminate the extensive learning of the course.
In AP Environmental Science, taught by Biology and Biotechnology teacher Barbara Denny, students are challenged to design a sustainable home and build a functioning windmill and solar oven.
In AP Spanish, taught by Mario Diaz, students are busy producing shortened Spanish renditions of popular movies to be performed on stage for the entertainment of other Spanish classes. “We are putting together 10-minute plays. Some people are creating plays based on Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, and Star Wars,” junior Samuel Shain said. “We’re performing the week before finals.”
In AP Computer Science, one of Miramonte’s newest courses, the post-AP test project is up to student interpretation. “Some people are making spin offs of other games, some people are doing things that organize your grades or schedules, and some people are programming robots to do different things,” senior Tori Wong said.
In AP Calculus AB, students are learning simple lessons on polar coordinates. “One of the few extra credit opportunities this year is to bring treats into class,” junior Marie Johnson said. Calculus students have been enjoying baked goods and other sweets in class since their AP test.