Spirit Cup Kicks Off

Margaret Ross, News Editor

The annual competition of the Miramonte Spirit Cup reignited on Friday with the Welcome Back Rally. Spirit Cup Points are allocated by the leadership class for participation in Spirit Weeks and success in Rally Games. At the last rally of the year, accumulated points will be announced, and the legendary Spirit Cup will be given to the winning class.
Last year, the Class of 2014 dominated the Spirit Cup, followed by the Classes of 2016, 2015, and 2017.
Upcoming opportunities for Spirit Cup points include the Powderpuff Football Game, the Agua for Nicaragua coin drive, and Homecoming Week.
During the periodical Spirit Weeks throughout the year, Leadership students visit fourth period classes to count the number of students participating in the day’s theme. The points given are a ratio to the number of students in the grade, to give smaller years a fair chance.
Leadership is working to spark Miramonte spirit in new ways this year by handing out free gear to Mats fans at football games. One Friday every month, Mats Check day, leadership randomly checks for spirit. By wearing Miramonte gear on Friday 12 September, the first Mats Check of the year, you could win a $25 gift card.