Miramonte Athletic Trainer Leaves for Two Weeks

Hayley Reardon, Staff Writer

Miramonte Athletic trainer John Grigsby left on paternity after his wife had their second baby on Sept. 17. This leaves Miramonte without an athletic trainer for the next two weeks. Grigsby is relying on his current sports medicine students to attend to athletes’ needs and be present at sporting events.

Grigsby has contacted trainers from the schools of upcoming Miramonte football opponents and asked if they would help our athletes if needed. Both Alameda and Las Lomas trainers will be available to athletes during the football games.

If students need to get ice or tape from the training room they should either find a janitor, coach, or sports medicine student.

Senior sports medicine student Chiara Rescalvo recommends that “All athletes go to the doctor if they have a new injury or a prior injury begins feeling worse.”

The class will have a substitute and second year students will be providing the lesson plans for first year students.