Admin Recognizes Need for Tables


Madison Alvarado, Staff Writer

The lunchtime bell rings, and the halls of Miramonte are flooded with people. Students flock to tables, forming lines at the cafeteria, grouping up around the quad, settling down on the benches, and gather together to sit on the ground in front of the gym or by the art department. The one thing that sticks out is the abundance of teenagers, occupying every corner and spread across the campus, clustered in groups chattering and eating away. While some are content to relax on the concrete or grass, those who find these spots on the ground undesirable will be happy to know that the lack of tables has come to the attention of Miramonte administration.

“I did walk around and talk to some kids and it does seem like there’s a kind of cry for more places for you guys to sit,” Principal Julie Parks said. “I support that and we can start looking at some options for how to order things.”

Realistically, new tables will not be an option until at least next year. Approval for tables must go through the Acalanes Union High School District, and must fulfill certain safety requirements. New tables are expensive and will require installation. In addition to this, it is necessary to prioritize how school funds are spent. Extra seats for students doesn’t beat out more pressing matters that require immediate action or more money.

However, Parks did have other suggestions for the lack of tables.

“It would make a great class gift for the graduating class to make more benches and table. That’s another way it could happen,” Parks said.  “You could also approach leadership about new ideas to campaign for money.”

In the meantime, students that don’t enjoy their spots on the ground will have to look for alternatives or grit their teeth and deal with it. One freshman that sits on the ground in front of the gym has chosen to look at her spot in a more positive light.

“We get good support on the wall for our backs,” freshman Frankie Veverka said. Veverka isn’t the only person on campus unmoved by the lack of places to sit.

“I don’t really mind having less tables,” sophomore Daniel Konstantino said.

Part of the population of ground dwellers at Miramonte are there by choice, bringing blankets to lounge on the grass, giving themselves names such as “God Squad on the Quad.” These students enjoy the cushion that the grass provides as well as the peace and quiet that comes with sitting away from the hustle and bustle of the outskirts of the quad.

Some individuals have found other ways around sitting on the ground by stealing unbolted tables off the senior lawn and moving them to quad. This type of action is not condoned or encouraged, and neither is “food chaining” younger students for a spot to sit.